Download MobiSpy™ v3.2  Mobile Monitoring Tool

MobiSpy v3.2 can be installed remotely and is fully undetectable it does not require access to the device.

MobiSpy™ v3.2 Fully undetectable Remote Monitoring software


MobiSpy™ v3.2 Private

Cryptohackers MobiSpy v3.2 Remote Administration Tool is used to remotely control and access iPhones, Androids, and some newer operating systems of BlackBerry. To learn more about the Cryptohackers MobiSpy v3.2 make sure to read our features list and ask us if you have any questions. Cryptohackers MobiSpy v3.2 software comes with a configuration client that will allow you to control your phones and mobile devices remotely from your desktop or laptop computer, You will be able to generate unique servers for each mobile device, having full access to an Admin Panel.


Remote Monitoring with Cryptohackers MobiSpy Software you will be able to view your cell phone devices remotely. We have developed the software so that you can remotely access the applications installed on the app and monitor the activity on the device, as well as having access to all the media and storage on the device. The software enables you to record the strokes typed on the digital keyboard of both Apple and Android mobile devices. The software will allow you to install it with a few options of deployment and installation. You will be able to manage your mobile device from home or your office regardless of where your cell phone is located.

Remotely Access Apps

Call Manager

Contact Manager

GPS Tracking 

Tab through our features list below for detailed list

  • Bind your installation server with any picture or video.
  • Encrypt your installation server to ensure it is %100 undetectable
  • Rename and give your installation server any icon or thumbnail
  • Explore files
  • Download files
  • Delete files
  • Upload files
  • Create folder
  • Delete SMS / Texts
  • Read conversations
  • Write SMS / Texts
  • Send SMS / Texts
  • Read call logs
  • Delete call logs
  • Make calls
  • Record call conversation and make avaliable for remote download
  • Listen in to live phone conversations remotely
  • Take pictures remotely
  • Take video remotely
  • Remotely control both front and back cameras
  • Remote toggle microphone
  • Remotely record and stream microphone data
  • Remotely disable microphone
  • Track the device in real time remotely
  • Track the device through google maps
MobiSpy v3.2 Basic
Remote Installation
Remote Monitoring
Full Device Access
Full Install Support
All Features Included
1 Device Limit
MobiSpy v3.2 Pro
Remote Installation
Remote Monitoring
Full Device Access
Full Install Support
All Features Included
3 Device Limit
MobiSpy v3.2 Premium
Remote Installation
Remote Monitoring
Full Device Access
Managed Install
All Features Included
Unlimited Device