Within this tutorial we will provide you a detailed explanation and method of how to monitor a cell phone without installing any type of software on the device or remotely hacking the cell phone using an app, you will learn how to use SS7 to monitor a Cell Phone without installing any type of software.

How to use SS7 to Monitor a Cell Phone 

Monitoring a Cell Phone using SS7

The most popular method of monitoring a cell phone without installing any software would be using an SS7 Attack on the device. This was first developed in the 1970’s and is still used today, it is also referred to as a CCSS7 Attack and usually the user of the device has no idea that it is taking place.  Motioning in communication is the trading of control data related with the setup and arrival of a phone approach a media communications circuit.Examples of control data are the digits dialed by the guest and the guest’s charging number.

When flagging is performed on an indistinguishable circuit from the discussion of the call, it is named channel-related flagging (CAS). This is the situation for prior simple trunks, multi-recurrence (MF) and R2 advanced trunks, and DSS1/DASS PBX trunks.

Interestingly, SS7 utilizes basic station motioning, in which the way and office utilized by the flagging is isolated and unmistakable from the broadcast communications stations that convey the phone discussion. With CCS, it ends up conceivable to trade motioning without first grabbing a voice channel, prompting noteworthy funds and execution increments in both flagging and channel utilization

Protocol security vulnerabilities

A few SS7 vulnerabilities that permit PDA clients to be subtly followed were pitched in 2008. In 2014, the media detailed a convention weakness of SS7 by which anyone from government organizations to “programmers, advanced criminal packs and countries under assents can track the developments of mobile phone clients from for all intents and purposes anyplace on the planet with a win rate of roughly 70%. What’s more, listening stealthily is conceivable by utilizing the convention to forward calls and furthermore encourage unscrambling by asking for that every guest’s transporter discharge an impermanent encryption key to open the correspondence after it has been recorded.

Applications served by tests incorporate answers for between transporter charging, income misfortune (by-pass/apparition activity and investigation administrations), misrepresentation counteractive action, charging, nearby number compactness, nature of administration, reconnaissance (worldwide call follow), upkeep (convention examination), movement building (connection and trunk determining), disturbing and SS7, Sigtran and IS-41 observing.