How To Hack Cell Phones From A Computer

In 2018, Cell phones have become a commodity as necessary as food and water. It has not only become a part of our lives but has also changed our lives positively, for the most part. We communicate with each other using cell phones, we look for directions using cell phones, we search for things and information using our cell phones and most of us do work on our cell phones.

In general, we live our lives through our cell phones. Now what will happen if someone has the power to look into our lives without our permission and without our knowledge? What damage they can do to us without us being aware of it? They would have the power to manipulate our lives and turn them into living hell. They would know all our secrets and it will be up to their morality whether they wish to expose us or not. On the contrary, what would we be able to do if we have the power to hack into someone else’s phone and have the access to all their information? How about if we can hack into Cell Phones from a Computer by using “tracking software”, “Spy software” and “Remote Mobile Monitoring Software,” and hack into cell phone text messages remotely?

This article will tell you how to hack a phone, how to hack Cell Phone from a Computer, how to hack into cell phone text messages remotely, how to hack into someone’s phone, how can someone hack your iPhone, how to remotely hack an Android Phone, how do cell phone monitoring devices work, how to hack a phone from your phone tutorial and best Cell Phone Hacking Software for 2018.

How to hack into cell phone text messages remotely?

There ae many ways by which cellphone messages can be hacked but the best way is to use a spying application. One such application is MobiSpy v3.2. Using this application you can easily hack into someone’s phone and access their messages remotely. All you have to do is to download the application and let it do the job. You can access both outgoing and incoming messages on another phone with the help of this application. Notification alerts can also be set up so that you get notified whenever any message is sent or received. Moreover, you can also access deleted messages using MobiSpy v3.2.

Another way of accessing someone’s text messages without their knowledge is through the use of SMS tracker android without target phone. This way you can retrieve, check and read text messages from another phone. There are numerous advantages of SMS tracker such as keeping a check on cyber bullying and for parenting purposes.

How to hack a cell phone using computers?

There are several ways you can hack into a cell phone using a computer. If you are a professional and know programming languages like C and C++ used to write windows and Unix and teaches you the know-how of memory, assembly language which the processor understands, and high level languages like Python, which is used in data analytics and PHP used to build web applications, then you can hack phones and computers on your own but for a layman like me you will need particular softwares, specifically designed for hacking. There are many types of software for hacking purposes on the Appstore for iPhone and Playstore for Android that you can use to hack. Similarly, many softwares are available for Windows users that can be used for hacking purposes like Metasploit, Acunetix Web, Nmap, oclHashcat, Wireshark, Maltego, Social Engineer Toolkit, etc. These softwares detect sensitive data on the computer and use them as access points to hack into a phone.

How to hack a phone from a phone tutorial:

To hack a phone from a phone you need special hacking software that is available on mobile software stores. These softwares generally work in the following way: The person whose phone you want to hack should have the hacking or the spying software installed on his phone. Will someone install any such software on his phone knowingly? No. You will have to install the software on his phone without him knowing about it. If he is a person close to you, like your wife, husband, son or daughter and if you have access to their phones, you can install the software without them knowing it.

Then you need to do two things as a precaution so that they don’t know you have installed the remote mobile monitoring software on their phones: You will have to hide the app icon from their phone so they don’t see it and get suspicious that someone is spying on them and then you will have to mute the spy app’s notifications on the target’s phone. You’ll also have to give the tracking software special permission so that it has access to the device’s locations, messages and calls.

The first step is to just install the spying software on the target’s phone and give it special permissions which it will ask during installation. The second step is to open the mobile tracking software. It will then ask you to create an account. To create an account you should have an email address and set a username and password and your account will be made. In your account you will see a dashboard. What the dashboard does is it stores all the messages the target sends and also he receives and it records all the calls that the target makes and the calls he receives. It can also store all the personal and private images and videos of the target and his personal work related important documents.

What the remote mobile tracking software does is it makes the copy of the messages and call the target send and receives and it stores it inside its dashboard. Now comes the hacking part. The mobile tracking software then sends the entire target’s personal information without his knowledge in the softwares cloud storage or to the email address which the hacker provided he when creating the account. If the spying software company has its cloud storage then the software installed on the target’s phone is the acts as the prey or client.

To receive the target’s personal data, hacker has to install the very same spying software on his phone which will be set up as the predator or domain. Hacker will then have to open the account using the same username and password he used on the target’s phone to create the account. Once he opens the account he then receives all the data of the target which is on his phone. But he will receive the data only on one condition. The target should have an active internet connection on his phone to send the data to the database of the spying software and the hacker should have an active internet connection on his device which he using to hack so he can receive the entire target’s data on his device.

How do you know if your phone/computer has been hacked?

There are some ways in which the target can know he has been hacked if he is smart and conscious. First is that when the spying software is copying the target’s data and sending it to the hacker, the target’s phone or computer will slow down but if he has a good phone he will not notice it. The second way in which the target can know that he has been hacked is if he checks his phone’s internet usage. This will give him all the information about where his internet data is being used and he will notice the spying software using a lot of of his internet data. The target can know if he has been hacked if his internet searches are being directed somewhere else by the hacker which means he wants to visit a particular website but he is visiting another website by the hacker which might look similar to the website he originally wanted to visit. The purpose of this is that the hacker then receives your email address or passwords or bank account information and credit card details that you provide on that fake malicious website.

The target might also get ransom messages for the data that the hacker has stolen, he might also get fake antivirus warnings, his internet browser will have additional toolbars which he did not add/install, he will get unwanted popups and his friends on social media might receive malicious invitations which might lead them getting their computer or phone hacked as well, unwanted and random softwares will automatically be installed on target’s device without his knowledge, his online passwords might be intercepted and changed in which case he might no longer be able to access that service, his task manager or registry editor might get disabled which will prevent him from closing the software and shutting down the computer, his bank accounts might be missing money and his credit card might be used for ordering goods and services he did not order. This is how the target can get a hint if he has been hacked.

What to do if your phone has been hacked?

The target should immediately reboot his/her computer and restore the computer to a previously saved good backup before his computer or phone was hacked. The target should restart or boot the computer in safe mode without any networking. He should then uninstall the spying software which was maliciously installed by the hacker. If it is successful he should continue with rebooting the computer or phone in normal mode and if all the malicious messages and fake warnings and unknown internet usage is gone then the process is successful otherwise he should scan it with an antivirus software.

Sometimes the hacker demands ransom for the data he has locked on your computer or phone. What you should do is look for backups in cloud storage or elsewhere and see if you can find that locked data; sometimes directly contacting and complaining your cloud server helps in recovering the lost data that you may not have recovered on your own. The hacker might also blackmail you into leaking your personal data on the internet. In that case you can either pay the ransom or not depending on the sensitivity and the importance of your data.

How do cell phone monitoring devices work?

Cell phone monitoring devices work by installing the cell phone spy software on the person’s phone you want to spy on. The software works in the background without the user knowing it. Once the software is installed you have complete access of the target’s phone and you can access and monitor his phone calls, text messages, emails etc. The call logs and messages can be accessed by the hacker from the software company’s web based portal or if he downloads the same software on his phone with logging into the same account. The monitoring will work correctly if and only if the software is compatible with the phone. The web based portal will give him access to all call recordings, photos videos and messages. He will also have control over the target’s phone. He can switch his phone off and turn it on, make calls, send messages and interrupt calls remotely, access credit card details and make online payments.