What is phone tracking

Phone tracking is the process of remotely tracking a phone or mobile device by using an application to monitor and track the movement of a phone, you can do this remotely by using a phone tracker to record and monitor the coordinates of a phone. You can track a phone inseveral ways and different phones require different types of trackers such as Android and iPhone phones will need different trackers with different code.

How does phone tracking work

When you install a tracker on a phone it records all movement of the device and remotely sends the coordinates back to the tracker software remotely or records it for later viewing. You can install a phone tracker using several methods which we will cover in this post. You can physically install a tracker into the phone and you can also upload a tracker to the phone remotely without having to physically touch the device.

Steps to tracking a phone

  • Find locate the phone you want track and physical install or upload the tracker remotely
  • Monitor or record all movements of the phone using the tracker for real time viewing
  • Track the phone using a maps software like Google Maps

Tracking a stolen or lost device

If you lose your device or perhaps it is stolen you can track your device by using a phone tracker to locate the device on maps. If your device is stolen you will have limited time to track your phone it is best to install a tracker on your phone incase something of this occurs. You can research and find out more about phone trackers on our website. We provide full detailed guides on phone tracking and how to install phone trackers.


Guide to track iPhone

How to track iPhone

How to track iPhone

The first thing to know about tracking iPhone’s is there are a few ways using Java-script code and software. You can use the built in iCloud service provided by Apple to track your iPhone on their platform. If you do not have this service available or the iPhone you are trying to track isn’t yours then you can use a java-script software to remotely track the iPhone by installing this software you will be able to track the iPhone.


Guide to Track Android Phone

Tracking Android Phones

How to track Android Phone

You can track Android devices in several different ways, the first we will cover is by using the built in feature by Google “Find My Phone” search on google will display the location of your own device on Google. We also cover how to track an Android Phone by using an remotely installed APK to gain advantage over the system and remotely track the Android Phone.