phone hacking

Phone Hacking

During this guide we will provide you with the best 3 ways to hacking a cell phone remotely also cover hacking mobile devices, if you are looking to gain access to a Mobile Device remotely we will cover the options you have. You will learn to how remotely install mobile monitoring software onto a cell phone device using the mobile number or a contact within the device, we will also provide you information on how mobile monitoring software works and operates.

Step 1

You will need to know the mobile number of the device you are trying to gain access to, or you will at-least need to know some of the accounts the user behind the mobile device is using as an entry point to gain contact with the user to exploit the system. You can of course access the user from behind a Facebook, Google, Twitter, and several other platforms by messaging them, then sending a APK file to remotely install the software.

Step 2

Once you have had the user install the APK and the APK is now running on the mobile device you will be able to use the software to monitor the device remotely by using a port forwarding service all of the host data will be rerouted to the target location of your choice. You will be able to view all data on the device if you installed a high level Admin Access APK. There are several different type of APK’s you can use especially ones loaded with Zero-Day exploits will be of most use. These type of APK’s will go fully undetected.

Step 3

Now that you have installed the APK and set up remote mobile monitoring you can view all of the data on the device remotely and securely. You can also physically install the APK this is the last option of course an most less chosen route to go, but it does work as well.


Remotely Hack Whatsapp

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Hacking a phone Remotely

You will have access and be able to view several points of data and content on the device once you have remotely accessed the system.

  • All Calls and Call Log Data
  • All Apps and App Data
  • Remotely view and monitor keystrokes
  • Remotely view and listen to mic/camera

How to Hack Android Phones Remotely

We provide you with several different ways of hacking mobile phones remotely with Android hacking devices being one of the more easier routes if you plan on hacking a Android Phone you will find that the route is much easier than an iOS device being the APK and creation tools is much more vast for Android. We will cover exactly how to gain access to Android devices and how to access android phones using zero-day exploits.

  • Remotely hack Phone using Text Messages
  • Remotely hack Phone using an Email
  • Remotely hack Phone using an embed Image Link

All of the above listed methods can be used to silently install an APK to monitor a mobile Android device remotely.