In the history of this world, technology has never been this advanced. Mankind has managed to extend the boundaries of technology as never before. We are in an era of technological epitome. Never in the history of mankind has communication been this easy. We can communicate with anyone and anywhere in the world instantly. With landline communication, you could talk to people at their homes but not when they were mobile. Advancement in satellites enabled mobile phone communication, with which you can talk to people on the go with no cables restricting you. These satellites also enabled Global Positioning System or GPS with which you can pinpoint locations anywhere on Earth. Our mobile phones also employ GPS. In 2018, almost every person owns a mobile phone and carries it around in his pocket which means every person can be located and tracked through his/her phone by GPS. Also with high-speed internet connections and high tech smartphones, tracking a cell phone has become a whole lot easier. Social media website, Facebook, has location features that give you the location of your friends as a part of their service. So you don’t have to do much; just make a Facebook account and add your friends. Cell phone locations are usually tracked by professionals like spies, secret service or policemen to find and track down criminals and prevent crimes but they can also be useful for people like us to find the location of friends and family or people we are interested in. If you want to know where your husband goes and who he meets when he is not at work and you are getting suspicious of his behavior then you can track down his cell phone. If you have kids and want to check whether they are at their friend’s home or somewhere else then tracking their cell phone is a good way to know where they are. But probably the cell phone you would need to track down most of the time would be your very own. How many a times we forget our cell phones at places where the chances of getting it back are pretty less like at restaurants or in a taxi where anybody could pick it up and put it in their pockets. That’s when we really need cell phone tracking.

How to track a cell phone location for free?

If you accidentally forgot your phone somewhere and need to find it or if it is stolen or snatched and now you want to recover it, then it is very easy to find out your phone’s location. It doesn’t matter if you have an iPhone, Android or a windows phone you can track down any phone for free. All the smartphones have official phone finding services based on the operating system they run. But these services can only help you find out your phone’s location. You cannot track someone else’s phone with these services. To track any other phone, you need to install spy software on their phone without their knowledge. These apps are available absolutely free on the internet and you can use them to track a cell phone location without them knowing for free.

How to track your iPhone location?

If you have an iPhone that you want to recover, then you can you can track your cell phone location online with a few easy steps. The apple service that helps you track down your phone is called; you guessed it right, “find my iPhone”. This is an official Apple service which lets you track your phone for free. For this service to work and help you find your phone there are a few conditions. Before you lose your phone, it should have been connected to the internet. If your phone does not have an active internet connection than find my phone service won’t work because it finds your phone’s location through GPS which needs an active internet connection. Your phone should also be turned on so that “find my iPhone” can locate your phone on the map. The Find My iPhone app doesn’t necessarily have to be installed on your phone. The service does not depend on the app. You can track down your lost phone in two ways. If you have another apple device, iPhone or an iPad, available at your disposal, then you can use the Find my iPhone app on that device to track down your phone. Log into the app using your Apple ID and password, it will then show you the exact location of your iPhone on the map. It will also show you the route history of your iPhone on the map so you can know what path was taken by the thief or your children if you are monitoring them. If you don’t have another apple device at hand, you can log in to your iCloud account using any browser on any device. Log in with your apple id and password then go to the Find My iPhone icon. The website portal has the same tracking features as the app. The app has also the key features to find your phone and to prevent your data from falling into wrong hands. The app can locate the exact location of your iPhone on the map and also show you the route history of your phone. It can turn on the alert siren for two minutes on full volume so that people nearby can be alerted and would hopefully return the iPhone. If there wasn’t a security lock on your iPhone, the app can remotely lock your phone. You can switch the phone to the lost mode and display a message on the screen. It will show you the shortest route you can take to get your iPhone and you can also remotely wipe off the data on your phone if you believe the security of the phone has been compromised. All in all, it is one handy service by apple using which you can track an iPhone for free.

How to track an Android phone?

If you lost your android phone you can find it by the Google’s service, “Find My Phone”. It can only help you to track your phone for free and not track someone else’s phone. For the service to work, your lost phone should be switched on so that it can be tracked and your phone should also have an active internet connection so that it shows up on the Google map. Before you lost your phone, the android device manager toggle switch should be turned on. It asks you to turn it on when you are setting up your device for first use. You can find the option in the security tab under settings. Turn on the “Remotely access this device” and “Allow remote lock and erase” under the android device manager option. If these conditions are not met you won’t be able to find your android phone. To locate your phone using other android phone, download the location tracker app from the play store and then sign in with your Google account or you can just sign in using a web browser. The app is more user-friendly and makes it easy to track your phone. After signing in select the device you want to track from all your registered Android devices. You’ll find the device’s location on a map and the route you can take to get there. After locating your device, you can remotely perform certain actions to make sure your phone and data are secure. You can set a screen lock if there wasn’t a security lock before, change the screen lock password, remotely erase all the data from the phone if you think it will fall into wrong hands and set an alarm to alert nearby people so that they know it is lost and may hold on to it for you. This is how you can track an android for free.

How to track a cell phone location without them knowing?

If you want to track a phone other than yours, then the easiest way to do this is by installing spy software on the target phone. This way you can hack and track any phone without the target knowing. First, you’ll have to install the spy software on your phone. Then you’ll have to install the software on the target’s phone. If you are close to the person and his phone is physically accessible to you like your brother, sister, husband or wife then you can install the spy software on their phone yourself. If their phone is not accessible than in order to remotely install spy software you have to send the download link to the spy software to their phone. You can send the download link via Facebook, Whatsapp, email or if you know their mobile number then also via text message. The download link to the spy software should look like a link to a handy software or a cool game so that the target would want to open it. Once he clicks on the link, the software will install on his cell phone and discreetly run in the background without the target’s knowledge. A connection will be established between the target’s phone and your device. You can then track their cell phone location remotely. You can do more than just track the location if the software has high-level admin access and it will go completely unnoticed by the target and his cell phone’s security and antivirus won’t alert him if the software has zero-day capabilities. With such a spy software you can hack into and intercept all the target’s sent and received text messages, phone calls, emails and would be able to read them. You’ll have access to all the media of the device like photos and videos. You will have control of the cell phone’s camera and microphone so you can spy on his conversations and the people he meets. You’ll have control over all the phone’s functionality which means you can power the cell phone on and off, lock the device at your will and call someone else through his phone.

How to track a cell phone location with the number of the cell phone?

If you want to track cell phone location without installing software on the target phone then you can track a cell phone location by number. For free cell phone tracker by number, you’ll have to download and install the spy software only on your device. You’ll then provide the software the cell phone number of the target. It will make a connection with the target phone automatically or first call the target anonymously then establish the connection between his cell phone and your phone. Once the connection has been made you’ll have a free cell phone locator on your phone and you can then track the target’s phone location remotely.