The word above strikes fears in the heart of some persons, because the negative connotations it has if they are hacked for the wrong reasons. Generally, the world is on edge when hacking is mentioned, but this doesn’t have to be the case if you are doing it for investigative purposes.

This book will help you learn some of the easiest ways through which you can hack a person’s mobile device. From trying to check out a cheating spouse to discovering what your child does with his/her mobile phone, there are so many reasons why you will need the information shared in this book.

So get ready to unlearn everything negative you must have heard about hacking while relearning novel concepts about hacking that will be beneficial to you long-term.

While there are a lot of mobile phone tracker apps for Android and iPhones in the market, a large number of them are unreliable and inefficient. This book contains only the best ideas, steps and tools that will be very helpful and effective as you take on this path.

You will encounter ideas on how to hack into an Android phone, monitor a cell phone, hack WhatsApp messages and track cell phone location. We will round off this journey with a chapter on some of the top hacking tools you can utilize to achieve various hacking processes.

There is so much to do and so much to accomplish within a short time, we will get started now with the first chapter on how to hack android phones, are you ready?

One Android phones: The hacking process

Hacking into an Android device can be done in a variety of ways aside from remotely hacking into the phone to hacking it from a computer, tracking the device or hacking the phone without touching it. You will learn some of the easiest ways through which you can hack into android phone.

Our devices are not just tools meant to take calls and play games, for some persons their android devices also serve as their mobile offices, and text messages are the ways to get things done quickly. This means that if you are in search for sensitive data or information on someone’s device, you can get it by hacking the phone’s text messages.

You can hack into text messages of an Android phone using the Spy software which also enables you to carry out a hack without touching the phone. Next, you have to make sure the software is up to date and that it is highly compatible with the most recently released Android OS, so there is secure transfer between the hacked phone and the software.

The data you will get from Spy software includes, text messages and other documents that will be transferred to the device of your choice and this is a more natural way of gaining access into an Android device. What if you only have the number of the Android phone? Will hacking it still be possible?
You can hack an android phone if you only have its phone number.

The phone number attached to an Android device can grant you access to the documents and other data in the device, how does this work? You will need Spy software here as well: send the phone user Trojan software links in messages and emails, the software will disguise itself as an Android game or an application.

When the person downloads it, the phone will be hacked remotely while running in the background collecting data. All collected information will be sent to the host computer and guess what? The owner of the device will be unaware of the hack taking place.

Android phone can also be hacked from a computer especially if you a programmer. Programmers who can write codes can easily hack into an Android phone; they need to create software and send it to the Android device. Now there might be a challenge here, and the problem is if you cannot write codes, then you will need software that will help you write codes that can be used discreetly. Most Android users have antivirus software apps installed in their phones, so when trying to hack into an Android device using a computer, you’ve got to ensure that the Spy software you use isn’t easily detectable by the device.

The hack should be able to run in the background of the Android device without being detected by the owner of the device. If the Spy system you use isn’t discreet enough, your software will be displayed by the antivirus app which will ultimately be deleted by the Android user.

Android phones are not as secure as iPhones, so you have a higher chance of succeeding with your hacks especially if the Android user doesn’t have any anti-virus installed. If you don’t want to get close to the phone, you can hack remotely. You can also hack to get to the text messages or hack with a computer system if you are a programmer who is excellent with coding.

Can cell phones be monitored? We are going to discover the answers to this question and more in the next section. It promises to be an exciting read so flip over now!  Chapter Two How to monitor a cell phoneOur cell phones are the most connected objects we have in the world right now. Some persons will say that they can forget their debit card at home but cannot live without their cell phones. More importantly, cell phones are the tools we use to stay connected with the internet while keeping an organized life.

If you are a parent and you are worried about the influence of the internet on your child, then this chapter will be beneficial to you. The first idea you should incorporate with this concept is knowing how to install Spy software on a cell phone in the most remote way possible.

You must send a cell phone Spy software through a download link to the cell phone. When the target opens the link, the software will be installed on their phone and start to gain access to data without the subject being aware of such an activity.

More importantly, the software will be undetected by the owner of the cell phone making it possible for faster data access into videos. Text messages, call logs, ongoing calls, etc. With this step, you can control the cell phone spy software remotely. So what if I want to spy on a cell phone without installing software on the phone?

Well, you will have to use the phone number route to make this happen. Al you have to do is get the phone number of the cell and enter the information in the spy software. When the data is entered successfully, you will be able to establish a connection with the target cell phone immediately.

Afterward, the software will call the target cell; when the call is picked, you will have access to the target’s phone. This will enable you to check text messages, WhatsApp messages, track GPS location with access to camera and microphone on the cell phone. So with this approach, you don’t need to install the Spy software on the cell phone with the downloadable link, you have to use the cell phone number.

Another way of hacking into cell phones is through the interception of text messages on the target phone. If you want to know who your partner is talking to, but you don’t want to ask directly (well, you will appear suspicious and interested), you can get answers by intercepting their text messages. You will need to install MobiSpy on your cell phone, then send a downloadable link to the target’s telephone either through email or text message. When your partner (also applicable to everyone else who is the target) downloads the link, you will gain access to his/her text messages without physically checking the cell phone which means you will be reading the text messages remotely.

In this new era inspired by technological innovations, anything is possible. You don’t have to take a person’s phone physically to gain access to its content which is why ideas such as what is shared in this chapter currently make it easy for anyone to gain access to cell phones remotely.

Instant messaging apps such as WhatsApp are now the easiest ways of ensuring communication is done at a faster rate. So if you are keen on gaining access to a person’s messages, you must learn how to do this via WhatsApp Hack. We are going to explore the possibility of this kind of hack in the next chapter. Chapter ThreeThe possibility of hacking WhatsApp messagesFrom everything we have learned thus before this chapter, you can easily hack into a mobile device which is always the firsts step to take in trying to hack into WhatsApp encrypted messages.

When you gain access to the mobile phone using the Spy software, you will also be able to monitor the data you receive from the device. So you will get to read through messages, emails, view videos and other media. However, you will also be able to gain access to the WhatsApp content on the device through two primary methods.

Firstly you can hack into the messages by accessing the device where the app is installed. As you know some persons may have separate devices for WhatsApp and calls. So you will need to gain access to the specific device where WhatsApp is installed.

With the aid of the hacking software, you will be able to get to the messages and decrypt them to get actual details of the text. This process will also help you access WhatsApp media and every other data shared with other users over the platform by the target. The “Last seen” feature will also be known to you as a way of determining the person’s usage from wherever you are.

The second method to gain access to WhatsApp messages is by compromising the security of the WhatsApp account. With this method, you don’t have to gain access to the mobile device where the app is used, but you need to gain access to the WhatsApp account itself which means you will need the exact WhatsApp number.

When you get the WhatsApp number, you can either send a message to the name a WhatsApp chat or send a text message that will activate the hack when the user clicks on the message.

You wouldn’t worry about who your partner is chatting with or what a person is doing over the platform. This hack gives you the upper hand over another person’s device, and you can do it either through gaining access to the device or the WhatsApp messenger app.

Aside from gaining access to WhatsApp messages, you may also need to know the location of a person through his/her mobile phone. Learn more about how to do this in the next chapter.

Chapter Four Tracking a cell phone locationTechnology that is enabled by the internet has made it easier for anyone to track another person’s position. Most phone users who are active on social media utilize the “Location” feature of the apps such that anyone can tell where they are at any minute and with every post.
But some persons do not use the location feature on their social media by ensuring it is always turned off. This doesn’t mean you can’t get to know where they are as with hacks done in the right way you will be able to tell a person’s location.

You can track a person’s location using the phone number of the target by merely downloading the Spy Software and providing the target phone number. Then you make a call to the target; once you get a connection, you will have access to the target’s cell phone locator on your phone making it possible for you track the person’s location.

Another effective way of tracking cell phone location is by using the mobile device itself (iPhone or Android). For iPhone, you may need to track location because you misplaced your device and want to retrieve it. Well, you will need to utilize the Apple service known as “Find My iPhone.”

The “Find my iPhone” service is an official one from Apple that enables you to track your phone for free, but for you to use this service, you will need to be connected to the internet because it has to work with the GPS on your device. You can use another iPhone or Apple device to track your device using your Apple ID.
Location can also be ascertained on an Android phone if you misplaced your Android device or if you want to track another person’s device. You will need to download the tracker app from your Android play store, sign into your Google account and select the device you want to track.

With this process, you will be able to also take some actions that will secure your phone’s data or erase data if you think the phone has been compromised already. You can also set the alarm on the phone such that other people around the phone’s location know it’s a missing device.

Another key consideration here is if you wish to track a phone that isn’t yours and you don’t want the target to know what you’re doing. You will need to install software on the phone (this can be done quickly if the person is very close to you and you have access to his/her device). You can the o send a downloadable link using social media (Facebook or Twitter), instant messages (WhatsApp) or email. When the connection is downloaded, you will be able to track the person’s location and do it in the most the discreet, fashion.
Gaining access to a location through hacking into a device is right for numerous reasons. You can use the process to recover a stolen or misplaced device and get to know where a cheating partner “Really” is as opposed to what you were told.

All the chapters above including this one contain hacking information that requires the use of specific tools. We are going to discuss some of these tools in the next section, so you have an idea of what to expect and what is available at your disposal. Chapter Five A list of the best phone number hacksWe have already established the fact that we can hack into a person’s device using the phone number instead of a downloadable link, but for you to make this happen, you will require the help of some hack tools which makes the process easier. We will highlight some of the top tools in this chapter while sharing their unique features that apply to both Android and iPhones.

1.    MobiSpy v3.2 With this tool, you can hack into iPhones and Android devices, but with an Android phone, you will have to gain access to the phone physically. Its strongest point is the fact that when you install it on the target’s phone, the icon will be deleted immediately making it impossible for the goal to sense its presence on the device. You can read all sent, deleted and received messages with the date and time. You can also check phone records and gain access to other data on the device.

2.    MobiSpy v3.2 This tool can be used to track any phone number and provides more information about the target from personal details to the caller’s name, age, and phone location. You have to go to the MobiSpy v3.2 website, enter the phone number and click the “Search” icon. You will get a full report within seconds, however, concerning the location you can only get the registered home address and not the current location of the user.

3.    MobiSpy v3.2 This is the website mostly favored by professionals, and it is extremely user-friendly: you use a number, and you will be able to gain access to the records in the device. MobiSpy v3.2 is also very confidential (no one will know what you are doing with another device) and you can gain access using any device while generating information that helps you get to know more about the person. Put, other hack tools gives you the basics, MobiSpy v3.2 gives you the basics and much more.

4.    GPS Cell Phone Locator Although not as advanced as some other tools, the GPS cell locator can be used to track mobile numbers round the clock. This tool can tell you where the target is using the target’s GPS location. The cell phone number you use must have a country code when you input the number you will get the exact location including a registered home address.

5.  MobiSpy v3.2 This is a very advanced software that will give you access to call interception and call recording using the device’s phone number. Despite being the most expensive hack software in the market, it has a lot of users because of its advanced features.

To use this tool, you will need to purchase the subscription package, gain access to the target’s phone and install MobiSpy v3.2 into it. You can then hack the device and control it from the MobiSpy v3.2 control panel. Using a phone number to hack into a device is probably the easiest way to gain access without the target knowing what’s going on in the background.

The tools mentioned in this chapter are just a few as there are so many available in the hacking market today and most of them have their unique functions. Before deciding on using any one of them, you should make sure you have read about the tool thoroughly and use it for the purpose it was designed for.

This brings us to the end of an exciting journey analyzing the best way to hack devices for varying reasons. There is one more section you must read through before you get to work on everything you’ve learned, flip over and enjoy the next read.  ConclusionHacking is best done when the hacker is informed about the various tools and methods available to him/her. What we have achieved with this book is to put all of the fantastic resources about hacking so you can easily handle the process your way.

There is so much information in the world today on how to utilize hacking and hack tools but we don’t have an “Information” problem what we have is an execution problem.

Too many people know what to do but wouldn’t do it because they’re not inspired by a higher sense of purpose. Why did you take the time to read this book? Why are you concerned about all of this information? When you have answers to the questions, you will be motivated to give it a try. As we round off this exciting journey, I urge you today to take actionable steps towards your plans and do exactly what you have been empowered to do. Now you can check out those who call you with strange numbers, those who send messages that do not reflect positively on you to others (by WhatsApp hack) and every other conversational concern you may have.

Well, you are now a remote hacker in theory! It is time to become one practically, and it all begins now as you take action and remain proactive throughout the process.