How to remotely hack an android phone

In our age, mobile phones are being utilized for more than just communication purposes. Mobile phones store our personal data and information. It also stores our work-related data and client information. This makes cellphones very sensitive devices and susceptible to hacking. You can hire hackers to protect your cellphones and make its security top notch. These hackers also cover loopholes and flaws in your mobile phone to make it impossible to hack.

Android phones are the most popular phones in today’s world. Many mobile companies use the Android OS by Google on their phones. When it comes to security, Android OS is not the most secure in the world. It is less secure than an iPhone and so it is easier to hack an android phone. Android phones allow third-party installation on their devices that make it vulnerable to hacking and which iPhone does not allow that’s why it is more secure.

Due to less security of an android phone, you can easily remotely hack an android phone. We will show you how to hack someone’s android phone, how to remotely hack an android phone, how to cell phone monitoring remote installation and how to track mobile phone location 2018, how to hack someone’s phone without touching it, how to hack an android phone from a computer, how to hack android phone using another android phone.

How to hack an android phone?

There are two key methods to hack an android phone. The first is by physically installing the app on the android phone. This is applicable if the person who’s android you want to hack is close to you, for example, your wife, husband, brother, sister, son or daughter and you have access to his/her phone. Once the APK is installed you have access to all the content on the phone.

The other method is the remote hacking of android phone which means you can hack it without touching it. To remotely hack you need to install the Android APK remotely by sending email invites or messages via Facebook and Whatsapp.

How to remotely hack an android phone?

To remotely hack an android phone you will need Remote Administration Tools (RAT). RAT software is easy to install on an android phone because the Android OS allows third-party software installation. If the android phone is rooted, which is done by circumventing the system security than it is easier to remotely hack an android phone without touching it. RAT works in three steps. In the first step, you install the RAT software on the android phone which is called the server file. You can use software which is fully undetectable remote monitoring software.

One the software is installed it will run in the background without the user’s knowledge. It will send all the data on the android phone remotely to the console or the hacker. The hacker will have access to call logs, text messages, photos, and videos. He will also have access to Mic and camera which will allow him to spy remotely and listen to calls.

He will have access to the phone’s functionality by which he can turn the phone on/off, lock the screen and also delete all the data on the android phone. He can also remotely track the android phone by remotely installing the tracking software on the android phone. Good RAT software has two main features. It has high-level admin access so that you can remotely access all the data on the android phone. It also has zero-day exploit capabilities which leave the software undetected by the system security of the Android phone.

Another way to remotely hack an android phone is by remotely installing a network traffic sniffer. This technique requires that you are on the same network as the android phone so it is best if you want to hack an android phone of your work colleague or someone in your family. The network traffic sniffer is a packet data analyzer which analyses the data sent over the internet. It will intercept the text messages, voice calls and any media which are basically encrypted packets of data and decode it so is it is readable and valuable information.

Another way of hacking an android phone remotely without touching it is by identifying the android phone’s key presses. You have to discreetly install software which records the key presses on the android phone and sends it to the hacker. This way you can have access to all the internet sites visited, all the banking and credit card information and the transactions made, credentials of the social media accounts and the all the outgoing and incoming text messages.

There is one thing you should take care of. Google regularly releases updates to the Android OS. If the android phone you are hacking has updated version chances are you won’t be able to hack it either because the spying software is incompatible with the Android OS or the android does not grant the software permission to have access to all the phone features.

So in order to successfully hack the android phone make sure your software is up to date with the current Android version and you should first test the software on a known android device to make sure it can hack all the phone data.

How to hack an android phone from a computer?

If you are a programmer and know how to write code than you can write your own software and send it to the Android phone to hack it. If like me you don’t know how to write code than you need readymade software to hack an android phone and track it. First, you need to install the software on the android phone discreetly. To do that you need to send the software link to the android phone through text messages, email invites, Facebook messages or through Whatsapp.

Once the software is installed it will send the data from the android phone discreetly to the host computer. To send the data the software will have to setup port forwarding to establish a secure connection between the android phone and the host computer.

If the connection is stable it will send all the data of the android phone discreetly via the port forwarding setup to the host computer where it can be viewed. If the software does not run discreetly and notifies the user, he will become suspicious and possibly uninstall the software. You should make sure that the spy software you use is not detectable by the antivirus program on the android phone otherwise it will show up on the antivirus scan and alert the android phone user.

How to track an android phone remotely?

To track an android phone remotely you can use the Google service “find my phone” or you can track remotely track an android phone using a third party software. If your android phone is lost than the first thing you need to do is access your Google account on your computer or another Android phone. Then go to the find my phone service.

If your phone is turned then it does not matter if it’s anywhere in the world you’ll find it. It will show up on the Google maps and you can track it down. If the phone is switched off or it does not have an internet connection then it will not show up on the Google maps.

You can also track your android phone using third party software. You’ll first need to install the software beforehand on your android phone. Then you need to install the same software on another phone or computer.

The software will send the android phone’s location through GPS to the computer. If you need to track many android phones at once, then using third party software is best for you. You’ll have to install the software on all the android phones beforehand and then using a single phone or computer you can keep track on all of them simultaneously.

How to hack an android phone with just their number?

It is possible to hack a phone with just its number. If you know the android phone’s number then you’ll be able to get the information of the accounts that phone number is used for. Once you identify the social media accounts of the Android phone user you can send him the Trojan APK or the RAT software links in messages and emails.

The person should not know that the links are of spy software. The software should be disguised as an Android game or a useful android application so that the person gets tempted to install it. Once he downloads the software and installs it, his android phone will be hacked remotely and will run discreetly in the background without his knowledge and will send all the data to the host computer. That is how you hack an android phone with just their number.

How to hack an android phone without touching it?

To hack an android phone without touching it you’ll need to hack it remotely. To hack an android phone remotely you need to have remote administration software. The software should be up to date on the Android OS. If it is not up to date it will not be compatible with the Android OS and will not be able to bypass the android phone’s security.

To check whether the RAT software is compatible, try to install it on an android phone with the same OS. If it is compatible you’ll be able to access all the data on the android phone. You can send the RAT software to their Android phone if you know their number or you can track them down using social media and send them the RAT software personal message. If they download the software, you’ll be successful in hacking the android phone without touching it. The software will run discreetly on the android phone and send the phone’s media, text messages and recorded phone calls to its host counterpart where it can be stored and managed.

How to hack android phone text messages?

If you are on the same network as the Android phone then you can use a network traffic signal to intercept the encrypted data sent and received by the android phone over the internet. Once the data is intercepted, the sniffer will decode the encrypted text messages which would have been useless data into data which is readable and useful information. You can also use spy software to hack into the android phone and discreetly send data to your computer or phone. The data includes text messages, voice mails, call recordings, media and all the other documents.

Android phones are less secure than iPhones and so are comparatively easy to hack. You can hack them using spy software remotely without touching it and you can also track android phones. You’ll have to make sure that the software you use is up to date and compatible with the latest Android OS for uninterrupted and smooth data transfer between the host and the android phone.