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We specialize in software engineering and online cyber investigations aside from our investigation and hacking services that we offer we also sell tools only found here to help aid your own investigations and ethical hacking needs.

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Welcome to Cryptohackers Hacker for Hire and cyber investigations, we are proud to bring a quality and discreet service to the public where our customers come first.

Cryptohackers cyber investigations offers a wide variety of services and programs that can only be found here. If you are looking to hire a hacker or a cyber investigator then look no further.

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MobiSpy™ v3.2 Private

Remotely Install and Monitor your mobile devices with MobiSpy v3.2 Full Remote Access.

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Hire the most Trusted Certified Hackers here only at Cryptohackers.

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Cryptohackers Cyber Investigations department is a team of highly skilled and certified hackers who are assigned cases by pirority if you are looking for a confidential cyber investigation of a loved one or someone you need to find out information about then contact Cryptohackers Cyber Investigations department today.

Hacking services provided by Cryptohackers are one of a kind Hacker for Hire services you will not find anywhere else on the web, if you are needing access to a email, phone, or web account then contact Cryptohackers for your Hacker for Hire needs. We specialize in hacking services of all kind contact us today to learn more.

How to find Cell Phone Hackers for hire

With Cryptohackers you will be able to find the most trusted hackers on the internet for everything with how to monitor a cell phone without installing software and guides on how to track someones phone without having it.

We are dedicated to provide you a huge resource of hacking material. Searching for a trusted hacker can be difficult and we know it, with our guides and tutorials on how to hack we hope you enjoy our site and find it resourceful.

Remote Administration Tools sold here privately coded by Cryptohackers inquire for more information.

Hiring Hackers

You will find that here at Cryptohackers we try to simplify the process of hiring hackers online, we know this can seem difficult to many so we take a few different approachs on hiring a hacker. We provide several different Remote Mobile Monitoring tools for purchase which provide you with the ability to remotely hack and monitor cell phones from your computer.

Specializing in this type of hacking we are able to provide you with a one of a kind service compared to other hacker for hire companies. Here we are constantly striving to stay ahead and keep our security exploits fresh.

Most of the software you find here for purchase have hard coded Zero-Day exploits programmed into the code allowing an average person like you to take our powerful tools and use them at your expense to monitor any of your mobile devices as you choose.


Remote Mobile Monitoring tools you will find here for purchase are state of the art leading technology, that has been innovatively crafted to tailor the needs of hacking a mobile device. We make sure that all of our software is fully undetectable.

When you are remotely monitoring your cell phone it is not interrupted by the manufacturer. We consistently release updates for our software to ensure the functionality. Let us know if you have any questions we will be glad to further assist you.

How to Hack Cell Phones

 You will find several different guides on how to hack cell phones and how to remotely monitor mobile phones within our blog and hacking news section, we provide you detailed information and resources for everything you need to know about mobile phone hacking.

We are dedicated to providing you resourceful information to better understand the way phone hacking works. Also providing you with several tools for purchase that will allow you to remotely monitor mobile phones we are sure that you will be able to find everything you need here about mobile phone hacking and if you cant then ask us, we are always here to help with whatever questions you may have.


Now in partnership with Zero-day Hackers

Cryptohackers is now in partnership with developement of zero day hacks and exploits with we help and share information to contribute to the development of some of the most advance zero day exploits on the web. Our zero day exploits are utmost private and shared amongst a small group.